Toronto Criminal Lawyer, Graham Zoppi Will Defend Your Rights

For the average person there are few scenarios more stressful or intimidating than being before the courts facing criminal charges. As a result every year countless individuals plead guilty to charges that they would never be found guilty of if they hired an experienced criminal defence lawyer.

Your criminal record is one of the most important aspects of your life; it affects your ability to work and to travel. Accordingly, you owe it to yourself to consult with a top criminal defence lawyer before making any decisions on how to proceed with your case. Toronto criminal lawyer Graham Zoppi dedicates himself to the defence of people charged with criminal offences. He is regularly recommended by corporate and civil lawyers as well as other Toronto criminal lawyers to their clients who face criminal charges. His client list includes doctors, lawyers, stockbrokers, and other professionals who understand the importance of hiring a leading Toronto defence lawyer to protect their futures. Graham Zoppi understands that there are no small cases; even the smallest criminal case looms large to the client.

Mr. Zoppi practices only criminal defence law. His experience over his 15 year legal career as a criminal lawyer in Toronto, Newmarket, Brampton, Oshawa, Scarborough, and elsewhere throughout Ontario is brought to every case. He prides himself on his commitment to his clients and will work tirelessly to defend your constitutional rights and construct the best defense possible.

Client Testimonials:

I was charged initially with Sexual Assault and then with a second Sexual Assault 10 months later. Mr. Zoppi got my first Sexual Assault Charge withdrawn a month before the trial date. He predicted he would be able to do this and came through on his word. Two months later he called with more good news and said that he was able to persuade the Crown to have my second Sexual Assault charge withdrawn as well. Mr. Zoppi's hard work, confidence, professionalism and great expertise proved to be the reason I got my life back intact. I'm forever grateful and appreciative for what Mr. Zoppi and his firm were able to pull off. I'm glad I did my due diligence in searching for a top lawyer as he proved to be everything I had read/heard about.
Mr. Zoppi words aren't enough to thank you for how you helped me. When I was at the worst point of my life you did everything you needed to in order to allow me to get my life back. You gave me your time and your dedication and I will always remember and thank you for it.